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The Priestly Turban


I thought in the prophet we have a word for the bridegroom and the bride, and a word for all of us. I trust everyone here has been clothed with this garment of salvation. It comes out of heaven’s wardrobe, and it is the same for every one who believes in the Lord Jesus. Luke 15 would show us just what is in the heart and mind of God. God’s house is down here, where He is delighting to bring out the best robe and clothe every repenting sinner, and I believe our dear brother and sister would rejoice to have the gospel enter into this happy occasion, and we appeal to everyone here that their heart may be turned towards the Saviour, the One Who has, as we have sung (hymn 99), done so much that He might secure what is for Himself.


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I have read these Scriptures in Daniel and Nehemiah because they speak of two lovers of God who made certain personal commitments to serve their God.

Change and No Change!


In Christian life there are many paradoxes. Maybe, for the young, that is a long word; a paradox means something that appears to be contradictory – two opposite things which are equally true. I want to speak about a paradox tonight. For the Christian is not to change certain things, but on the other hand he is to change.

Things which Cease Not


This address covers some of the things that Scripture says cease not. Firstly, of God’s covenant with the creation, “Henceforth, all the days of the earth, seed time and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night, shall not cease.” Then, about the living creatures who “cease not day and night saying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty.” Thirdly, about a woman who, Jesus said, “has not ceased kissing my feet.” And, finally, about the apostles who “ceased not teaching and announcing the glad tidings that Jesus was the Christ.”

The Assembly


This Address helps us to get some impression of the glory of the vessel that is for the heart of Christ and for the heart of God. We do not want to make everything of the vessel itself, but of the One to Whom it belongs. The assembly belongs to Christ – the assembly is for God. The concept is His, and His alone.

The Blood of Christ


Nothing is calculated to stir the heart of the lover of the Lord Jesus more than the consideration of His shed blood. The moment when His blood was poured out stands out in the history of time and eternity. What a moment!



2 Kings 18: 6; Ruth 1: 14; Acts 17: 33-34;
2 Samuel 20:2; Genesis 2: 24
Revised Notes of an Address at Bournemouth, September 8, 1962

This article is from a pamphlet published by Philip Haddad.

The Sufferings of Christ

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Much help is needed in speaking of the sufferings of Christ, it is a holy and very affecting matter. Here is where we can all begin, that is, in relation to our sins. Peter says, “Who Himself bore our sins in His body on the tree.” How much that statement means to all of us who are forgiven, that our sins were borne in Christ’s body on the tree!