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Reading on 1 Samuel 11

1 SAMUEL 11 WRT For those that were not with us last time, it might be worth recapping that Samuel anointed Saul king in secret, and then subsequently he brought the people together at Mizpah, and at the end of chapter 10, there were some lawless ones, the children of Belial, who resented and despised […]

The Sufferings which belonged to Christ


I wondered if we might seek help from the Spirit of God in pondering “the sufferings which belonged to Christ, and the glories after these.” I suggested reading from the Song of Songs, thinking particularly of those verses which refer to His head, His hands and His feet. I wondered, too, if we might speak of His head, and get impressions of the glory that attaches to Him in the realm of His headship; and enquire whether in very truth this One of Whom the beloved speaks is lifted up as a banner by all of us.