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I would like to speak to you about commitment – commitment to the Lord Jesus. Commitment is a subject for those that already have believed in the Lord Jesus. It is not possible to commit to something or someone you do not believe in. So before I start, I just want to appeal to your heart, if there is anyone in this room that still does not believe in Jesus – it is not too late, and you are not in the wrong place. As a matter of fact, take your opportunity tonight, just trust in Jesus, believe in Jesus: the Man Who came from heaven to earth to die on the Cross of Calvary’s tree. And the reason He did this was because of your sins and my sins. Just trust in Him! Leave your life in His hands. Trust and believe in Him, and you will be saved immediately, now and for ever.

Fitness and Exercise


The subject I have in mind is the believer’s fitness. And by this I mean the activity in a believers’ pathway. I feel believers should be very active, and I feel Scripture has something to say about this, so I wanted to consider together with you what Scripture tells us about being an active believer, and what is the ultimate result of this.

God’s Provision for His People


It is clear that we are living in exceptional times, I do not need to elaborate on that, really, save to say that they are times which cause us to ask what the Lord has in mind in what He allows, and I trust also to ask what we are gaining from what He allows. I do not suppose that any of us would claim to have full answers to those questions, but in thinking about our recent experiences and about this occasion it came to me that the experiences of the children of Israel in the wilderness may have some bearing on the lessons that we, too, may need to learn.



I want to say a little about the safe place that can be found in Christ where He is, and where He might lead. Particularly in mind is that comment of David’s, “Abide with me, fear not; . . . for with me thou art in safe keeping.” I would like to begin with looking afresh at the place of safety that the soul can find when it flees to Christ.

So Great Salvation


In this Reading Meeting we will look at some aspects of what Scripture calls our “so great salvation” (Hebrews 2:3). It is a very extensive subject, all centred in a glorious Person – the Lord Jesus. It covers our past; it gives us a wonderful outlook for the future; but it also is something that we need to experience at the present. What a salvation, dear brethren! It is centred for us in the Person of Christ.

The Greatness of the Gospel


The apostle Paul was writing to a company of believers in Corinth, and he wanted them to understand more fully something of the greatness of the gospel. And so he gives them here the essence of it.

The Work of God


I thought it might encourage our hearts this afternoon to take account of the work of God. And start here in Numbers with this wonderful statement, “At this time it shall be said of Jacob and of Israel, What hath God wrought!”

Of course, literally, it was applying to the end of the wilderness journey. They had come to the end of it, and God had been with them in all the way, despite all the failure and difficulties that had come in, And, as Nehemiah tells us, their footwear was not worn out and their clothes were fresh (Nehemiah

Joy brought by walking in the Truth.


Some weeks ago, we considered the epistles of John. I was struck with the word in 3 John verse 4 where John says, “I have no greater joy than these things that I hear of my children walking in the truth”. It is a superlative statement – I have no greater joy. I would like to consider a number of statements on the part of the epistle writers, where they speak of their joy.

Why did Jesus have to be our sacrifice?


I want you to think tonight about a question that has been going round in my head for the last few weeks – Why did Jesus have to be our sacrifice? Why did it have to be Him?
I will share a few thoughts that have come to me. This is not intended to be a comprehensive answer to my question: I am hoping that you will come up with other answers. I have asked the Holy Spirit to help us in how we think about it.
I do not mean, what was the sacrifice for? You are all believers, you know what it was for. But, why did it have to be Him? Why could it not be something else or someone else. Why did it have to be Jesus? That is what I want you to think about tonight.
I sometimes find a helpful place to start is to look in the Bible and see what was prophesied and what has been promised. Why was the sacrifice Jesus and not something or someone else? Well, if you look in the Old Testament you will find that is because God promised it would be Jesus and He delivers on His promises.

Reading on 1 Samuel 11

In this section where we started reading today, the threat from the Ammonite became great, and as a result, the Spirit of God came upon Saul, and he led the people, through God’s help, to this victory.